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2100 Sheela Group. (SleepWell)

We know that the finished project will be an important part of the community for many years to come. Our expertise and focus on quality and safety ensure that the community can share in the pride of the new structure. And during construction, we take great care to ensure the site will be safe, clean and organized — with clear communication and minimal disruptions to surrounding activities.

Sheela Foam Industries: (Greater Noida) A factory on a 23-acre plot, with exposed brickwork and exposed R.C.C., trimix flooring, road work, coordinating roofing with   Kirby systems, constructed area 3,25,000Sq.Ft.

Modular Infratech team of dedicated and experienced planners, designers and construction engineers are ready to combine their expertise and provide a strong support system to guide the project in its day- to day operation. This is an essential part of Modular’s project consultancy Services. Each stage to progress is tabulated in proper M.I.S. procedures, either by a P.E.R.T. or C.P.M. charts, so as to achieve optimum progress, within a fixed time frame